Aïlien Reyns

Aïlien Reyns (BE, °1984) is an audiovisual artist and researcher who focuses on topics such as migration, public/private space, ethnic/gender discourse, and digital communication. A love for (meta-)narrative, popular culture, and the transformative beauty found at the technical margins of cinematography defines the aesthetic of her work. Her work always departs from the collection of auditive and/or visual sources, out of which she then selects and composes narrative and aesthetic elements in co-creative dialogue with her research subjects.

In 2012, Aïlien co-founded TRIPOT with Marius Packbier. Within this Brussels-based artist collective she has developed an oeuvre that is characterized by interdisciplinary research methods and a participatory production process. Together with the other members of TRIPOT she likes to delve into the constitutive structures and textual characteristics of digital media, in order to render more transparent the relationship between public-consumer perception, technology, and the audio-visual language itself.

Apart from her artistic work, Aïlien teaches Visual Techniques to visual anthropologists at the University of Antwerp.