Samo Vovk

Samo Vovk (SI, °1989) is a self-taught musician, self-employed in culture. He works as an arranger, composer, singer and guitar/bass player. He mostly writes music for a cappella groups and choirs but also for instrumental ensembles.

From 2012 on he collaborates with the famous Slovenian a cappella choir Perpetuum Jazzile as arranger, producer, singer and as member of the musical leadership team. He also creates music with vocal band Kreativo.

Two of his biggest achievements are writing the a cappella arrangements for the Disney Awards 2015 in Paris, where Perpetuum Jazzile performed, and the composition ‘Ta na Solbici’ for the Carmen Manet choir, which won on the first Eurovision Choir in 2017.

He took classes on different seminars and collaborated with well-known artists as: Peder Karlsson, Anders Edenroth, Kim Nazarian, Jesper Holm, Ilkka Herkman, Maja Bevc, Jaka Pucihar, Helena Fojkar Zupančič, Matej Hotko, Bruno Domiter, Marko Črnčec, Nina Strnad and others.