CON-FRONT is part of the EMC publication ‘Snapshots on Music and Heritage in Europe’


What does music have to do with cultural heritage? Antique sites, temples, beautiful churches, bridges, houses, historic city centres, decorated with a heritage label, such as UNESCO world heritage sites, are often the first associations with the term cultural heritage. When in 2018, the EU celebrated the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH), the European Music Council (EMC) played an active role as advocate for intangible cultural heritage in the debate. As a follow-up to the year, the EMC now presents this book to provide a snapshot on music and heritage in Europe. It includes the policy perspective (EU and UNESCO) as well as concrete examples from medieval Norwegian ballads to Gaelic music to the Hungarian Dance House Movement or the Polonaise. In a dedicated category ‘diverse projects – diverse heritage’ it provides some practical examples how music projects nowadays work with heritage in a contemporary context, amongst them also CON-FRONT.

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