This is not a game


This is not a game is a board game where pupils put themselves in the place of a refugee. Seventeen refugees who lived between the middle ages and today tell their true story about their journey to and from Belgium or other countries.

Young people explore the refugees’ journey with story cards and do tasks. In this way, children and pupils will start to understand what fleeing is, and, by playing the board game, will get to know the basic concepts and discover the impact of fleeing.

The initiator of This is not a game is FARO, Flemish Interface Centre for Cultural Heritage, the Province of West Flanders and Flemish Refugee Action, all based in Belgium. The English and French translation and the additional refugee stories of Iva, Beilul and Muna are added thanks to the CON-FRONT project. Like CON-FRONT, This is not a Game connects European heritage and shared history with contemporary themes. The CON-FRONT partners will promote the board game across the borders in France, Slovenia and North-Macedonia.

Please contact one of the CON-FRONT partners for more info.